Why blog: Impact (Part 3)

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Here’s my thinking on why we blog, it’s all about introspection, interaction and impact. Click image to link to source.

Why do I blog? Why do you blog? What motivates us? Why spend hours thinking, writing, editing, commenting and networking. Is it all not just a waste of time?

I’m reading through the book of Acts. It’s a marvelous book, a real page turner. The history of the early church is tumultuous to say the least. Luke manages to package the flow picking out those stories which highlight the explosion of God’s people moving through God’s world in God’s power to God’s glory.

Jesus’ words, just before He ascends into heaven, sum the book up,

9 “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”

Want to hear the verse in context? Acts 1
What is this about?


We’re mandated, commissioned with the same task, be His witnesses. We’re to push out the borders, take the message to the uttermost end of the earth, even unto the blogosphere. If blogging starts with introspection and grows into a channel for interaction then it’s zenith must be impact.

Impact means different things to different ppl. What did Luke see in the embryonic church? The Gospel! The book of Acts is saturated in it as believers died for it, God’s glorified through it and we’re exhorted to propagate it.

Us South African Christian Bloggers fall far short of this picture don’t we? Our time is largely spent on social issues, financial issues, petty denominational issues, a couple of interpretational issues and a whole lot of interpersonal issues. Too often we’re missing the big issue, “Jesus died, Jesus rose, repent for the forgiveness of sins.”

If we’re going to make an impact in our world and in this space we’re going to have to up our game and focus on the message that saves rather than the message which massages.

Here’s a list of the South African blogs I monitor. Are we going to explode? Only when we collectively get the message right and start to boldly proclaim it:

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